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Courier Mail Server

Personal memo on how I did  install a working mail server Courier on my personal desktop machine, a Fedora 26 one. Thanks so much to Sam Varshavchik without whose step by step help I couldn’t have made. My goals: to retrieve mail from my remote server (managed by a professional provider). I do that by […]

Axigen. Thanks so much!

Mostly for the fun of it, I have been using the Axigen mail server on my personal desktop machine. Indeed, you don’t really need a mail server on a personal machine, but I was curious about it. After more than ten years, they changed their policy about free license, and so I have to discontinue […]

Thematic is over

Theme Thematic is not maintained anymore. Its main developer, Gene (emhr), is working on Deciduous, and we switch to it too. Take care!

Internet History

Sorry, only in italian. A short list of  resources to know some basics of who, when, where, what of Internet history. Note, most linked resources are in english.